Coaching / Personal Development

Life today is far from simple: the world’s economic crisis, restructuring and transformation of corporations, power struggles at work, information flooding, too little time for our families or our hobbies, etc. In such a situation, conflicts and life crises are pre-programmed.

Professional support and consulting in private or occupational conflicts can help to find solutions more quickly and to re-establish balance. One can develop more confidence, assertiveness and further develop one’s personality.

Or perhaps you want to mobilize more of your potential or discover the deeper meaning of your life, in order to find inner satisfaction and peace in your life.

The Practice for Life Balance Healing offers its clients specialized methods and techniques to:

  • Solve conflicts and re-establish balance
  • Develop new perspectives
  • Develop more assertiveness and self-confidence
  • Remove blockages and stagnation
  • Activate own resources
  • Develop inner satisfaction and peace