The Practice for Life Balance Healing

The Practice for Life Balance Healing supports its clients in finding efficient solutions in all of their life challenges. We want to help our clients to achieve health and find their inner harmony. This requires a balance between body, mind and soul (or psyche). Only when all three areas of the personal human existence are in balance is it possible to achieve and maintain our health.

While going through her own inner psychic processes, the founder of the Practice for Life Balance Healing became frustrated with the speed of the process. Too much occurred under the rubric “Trial and Error”. She tried many different things like shiatsu, osteopathy, meditation, yoga etc. When something worked, she continued it. If it didn’t help, she rejected it. It made her think that there must be a way to use the wisdom of the higher self in order to select the right combination of therapies or methods of treatment. This became her guiding principle for her practice when she found the answer in kinesiology.

After working with a multitude of clients it became very clear, that the client’s mind plays a key role in achieving vitality. Thus, mental training in various forms – the strengthening of wholesome mental states – is an integral part of our work together.

Kinesiology (or muscle reflex / stress testing) is used in each session to select and apply the appropriate combination of methods for the client in the Here-and-Now.