Energetic Methods

All of the world’s cultures describe the energy that flows through all things – life energy.

  • The Chinese describe the life energy Chi, which flows through energy channels in the body called meridians.
  • In India, one speaks of Prana, the human aura (the energy field around the body) and of the important Chakras or energy centers, where the important energy channels of the body cross each other.
  • The term Reiki comes from Japan and means universal life energy
    (Rei = universal transcendent spirit, Ki = life force).

Even western scientists have proven the existence of the human energy field. The Practice for Life Balance Healing offers many diverse energetic methods to mobilize the self-healing powers of its clients. Some of those offered are Quantem Entrainment, Reiki, aura treatments, Sanathana Sai Sanjeevini, Chakra treatments & balancing, spiritual healing, Ancient Master Healing etc. When through kinesiology tests one of those methods of treatment is indicated, it is included in the client’s mix of treatments.